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Bringing Innovation, Transparency & Efficiency To OOH Advertising

Bubblelit is a SaaS Enabled B2B Out of Home media Marketplace provider. We enable advertisers to Plan, Book, Play, and Analyze out-of-home advertising (OOH) campaigns from anywhere in the world. At the same time, media owners can explore the opportunities to multiply their business. Our pay-per-play model is transparent and a win-win for advertisers and media owners.

We create a positive impact across all dimensions in out-of-home advertising and bring innovation to OOH media advertising. We can help you assimilate and reconcile smart data from different sources to track progress and quantify the effect delivered.

Plan, Organize, and Transform:

Harness The Power Of OOH Media Advertisement & Capture Your Audience's Attention.

Bubblelit focuses on both Digital and Static OOH media advertising. We bring innovative solutions for media owners to get advertising revenue without taking direct additional responsibilities for media selling and production. We leverage cooperating media & data from different channels at different locations to efficiently achieve the objectives of every campaign.

Plan, Organize, and Transform:

Our vision is to transform and continually improve the enterprise consumer experience of digital landscapes.

We aim to establish a dynamic and transparent marketplace that can redefine enterprise behaviour through data driven confidence in order to make buy and sell decisions across a large number of assets. In this process, we expect to enable monetization of diverse static physical infrastructure by collection and dissemination of mobile data around it.

Why We Exist

Capitalize With Our Offerings & Expand Your Brand's Reach

Bubblelit is making cities smarter by enabling multichannel experience and bringing OOH down the funnel.

Bubblelit provides a transparent platform for fair trade and booking process to advertisers and media owners.

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Create an experience for your audience with innovative outdoor advertising.

Tell us your campaign goals, and we will provide the right coverage.

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