Media Owners

Connect to advertisers in a dynamic marketplace

Be part of a single platform ecosystem that can handle management, monetization, production and more. Leverage innovative technology and marketing solutions that can bridge the gap between supply and demand of ad space on your asset.

Media Owners

Manage your assets efficiently and track asset lifecycle digitally


Grow your network of advertisers by registering on Bubblelit marketplace.
Increase revenue through hybrid marketing strategies and monetize every second.


Productionize creatives on your assets efficiently as per regulatory guidelines and provide proof-of-play

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Leverage analytics to monitor key metrics and provide performance feedback

Media Owners, Are You Spending Too Many Man-Hours In A Year Managing And Monetizing Your Assets?

Onboard your assets on our unique collaborative web-based digital platform to manage your assets efficiently. Streamline the process of selling and productionizing your assets and measure ROI.

Media owners

Built for Media Owners

Amplify Your Network

Let our growing network of advertisers reach you digitally. Prime your asset for quick purchase decisions by showcasing your asset metrics directly on our platform

Monetize Every Second

Maximize revenue using our pay-per-play model and offer ad space that fits every budget

Analyze performance

Obtain asset performance at your fingertips to arrive at data driven prices for your assets. Improve asset utilization rates by identifying open ad space to maximize revenue

Be Part of a Smart Ecosystem

Monetize your assets and grow your network of advertisers with us. Leverage our pricing engine to price your assets based on asset performance data. At Bubblelit, we empower your assets with analytics that can help justify your prices in the marketplace.

Additionally, leverage our IoT based system to monitor and track the life cycle of creative content on your assets.

With Bubblelit, Get The Most Of Your Out-Of-Home Investments With Technology That Helps You Sell And Run Your Business.

Biilboard Media Owners

Are you a media owner and are looking to monetize your assets?

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