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Get detailed analytics of how your campaign performed and analyze your
screen’s performance with our innovative, intelligent analytics.

Optimize your out-of-home ads with Bubblelit.

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Let data speak for itself.

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Receive Real-Time
People, Vehicle &
Crowd Analytics

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Crowd Analytics

Get Crowd Analytics for Indoor/Outdoor events with face detection. Also get a report on the Impressions, Views, Attention, Time, Gender, and Age of the viewer.

Vehicle Analytics

Outdoor Vehicle Analytics with anonymous vehicle detection provides data like the number of vehicles, vehicle speed, and vehicle type so your business can use data to make an informed decision.


OOH Ad opportunities in Malls, Corporate Parks, Transit, Outdoor, etc. Be exactly where your audience is.

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Our vision is to transform the experience of Digital Landscapes
through technology & innovation for everyone who wishes
to advertise & lease media.

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