DOOH: A paradigm shift in marketing

DOOH: A paradigm shift in marketing

While browsing through internet I came across an intriguing ad, “Your Lights, Our Safety”. An interactive digital out-of-home(DOOH) advertisement that was showcased on digital media screens across Europe. I decided to share this paradigm shift happening in the marketing world.

In autumn and winter season the visibility while driving deteriorates. This causes road safety issues leading to accidents. That’s when “Screen Network” and “Polish Police Headquarters” came up with an interesting solution.

The idea was to ensure there is enough light while driving on the road and this could be done if the cars switched on their headlights. Headlight malfunction is the most common problem and it is often found that either one or both headlights are damaged, usually ignored and not repaired.

That’s where the team found their answer. The message was to turn on the headlights and make sure they are working properly. “Each one of us is responsible for the safety of ourselves and others around us.”

The campaign was built around digital screens with sensors and AI technology. Each time the cars stopped at the red light the sensors would detect cars with headlights that were turned off or not operational. The sensors could detect the car with maximum distance of 200 meters. Then the car with headlight malfunction was displayed on the digital screen with a personalised message of warning. A moment of shame and fame was a good way of interacting with the drivers. This real-time targeting advertisement was multiplied across 20000 screens, improving safety in nearest neighbourhood.

I like this advertisement as it is interactive and is able to feed in real time data. There are innumerable ways in which we can use DOOH in our marketing campaigns. I’m on lookout for such amazing campaigns that are less known but have greater impacts on people’s lives. Do let me know if you know any in the comment section below.

Projected Growth

It is astonishing to see what DOOH media can offer in sync with technology. Programmatic capabilities, data feeds, video, mobile location marketing creates interesting opportunities and options for the marketeers in DOOH space. DOOH advertisements if planned and executed in the right manner can optimize the impact of your campaign.

Digital Out-Of-Home media and Digital marketing are the future of marketing!

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